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We take care of every phase of the production process to create a finished product of excellent quality

Mechanical Design

Thanks to the support of Omega Engineering, a company that boasts a decade of experience, OMGM Group …


OMGM Group’s production activity is driven by a motor of over 70 machine tools, CNC and traditional…


Upon customer request we are able to perform functional tests on assembled and wired machines …

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Just some numbers…

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Machines Produced
Machine Tools

OMGM Group Technology

The best technology available today in one industrial group

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OMGM, founded in 1972

“Our journey started with some people’s passion for mechanics …”

Thanks to half a century of experience in precision mechanical machining, today we are among the leading companies in the sector in the design and construction of automatic machines and in the production of medium and high complexity mechanical parts.

The production planning system (MES – Manufacturing Execution System) allows us to always have maximum control of every process to guarantee agreed delivery times for each order.

Why choose OMGM Group ?


Half a century of experience in precision mechanical machining, over thirty years in the construction of automatic machines, over ten years in design and highly specialised personnel allows us to successfully fulfil all of your requests.

Wide Warehouse

The wide availability of materials in stock allows us to fulfil your urgent production requirements.

Top Notch Technology

The set of machine tools, equipment and measuring instruments of the latest generation allow us to perform complex mechanical machining and strict quality controls.

Cutting Edge IT Systems

We have IT systems for the integrated management of the order and the optimisation of its processes (MES and Planner), for the programming of machine tools (CAD – CAM), for budgeting (LeanCOST), for financial management (DocFinance) and more.

Selected Suppliers

Thanks to a large number of reliable suppliers, selected over the years, we are able to supply finished products by purchasing processes, treatments and components that we are unable to perform internally.

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Stay up-to-date with OMGM Group events and news

Via Togliatti 8/A, 40026 Imola
(BO) Italia


+39 0542 641003


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