Cause Technolgy Matters…

It will be the title of OMGM Group’s first thematic video teaser.

It is a fact that the technological equipment of a large industrial group such as OMGM Group is one of the strategic components that make the difference in an increasingly fierce global competition scenario.

OMGM Group invests considerable financial resources every year to update and increase the value of its technology park.

Starting with a video on OMGM technology is therefore a must.

Cause Technology Matters will be the first in a series of thematic videos dedicated to technology in its different forms; they will be gradually edited and then published on the OMGM Group youtube channel.

Here I anticipate the storyboard of CTM, roughly …

The most relevant machines for each production function will be presented, starting from CNC turning through milling, EDM, grinding and finally showing the quality control with the metrology room.

A video with a total expected duration of between 2 and 3 minutes, with an original intro, will show the market and potential OMGM customers what the OMGM group is able to offer them in terms of technology park.

The aspects inherent to the type of shooting, editing and the final color still being defined will be addressed in a subsequent video.

What I can tell you here is that the video will be shot in high definition 4k at 30 fps and produced in addition to the Youtube version, the one for instagram lasting about 1 minute.

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