Omgm Group is an expression of the Imola area, its history, culture, its ability to innovate, always, at an entrepreneurial level and beyond.

A strong, genuine and intense relationship, which for just over two months has been further strengthened thanks to the birth of Officina Digitale.

Officina Digitale is a consortium of 14 partners rooted in Imola and its hinterland: 12 companies including, the most important, Sacmi, OMGM Group, Cefla, Aepi, Curti, etc, and 2 higher education institutions, Alberghetti and ‘Itas Scarabelli Ghini.

The goal of this new consortium is to interface and coordinate the school world with the business world as a whole.

Being able to rely constantly on highly specialized human resources is in fact an added value for all the companies that are part of the consortium.

The board of directors, in the voice of its Chairman in charge, Tonino Ferri, reiterated the three pillars to which the entire project refers:

coordinate the new territorial laboratories for employability
enhance the culture of innovation starting from high school students by promoting the birth of new start-ups.
making the training opportunities already present in the area, such as universities and high schools, more usable.

Officina Digitale can already count on a substantial investment: around 1 million euros, of which 250 thousand euros, made available by private entrepreneurs.

Financial resources that will be used for the purchase of numerical control machines and computers essential for the training in the field of the generations of workers of tomorrow.

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