Know-How, our Greatest Asset…

The Group, before anything else

Area (mq)

We are aware that the daily use of any technology without having specialised expertise gained over time does not generate real innovation.

This is why OMGM is the Group.

104 people, 104 professionals, who work in synergy every day on a total area of 14,500 square metres divided between R&D, Purchasing, Production, Quality Control, Sales, Personnel offices, able to coordinate more than 70 machine tools, as if they were one single block, with only one purpose, i.e. to achieve quality levels of excellence.


Thanks to half a century of history, the expertise achieved by The OMGM Group in the design and manufacturing of complex automatic machines for packaging, our core business, makes us three of the leading companies in the sector at national level.

 The OMGM Group, we are what we know how to do today and what we will learn further to improve along the way, even before cutting-edge CNC technology, 3D Metrology, production control systems or the most modern CAD-CAM software...

People, OMGM Group.

Our story started back in 1972…

  • 1972 OMGM is founded

  • 1978 OMGM becomes OMGM S.n.c. (unlimited liability company)

  • 1988 becomes OMGM Ltd.

  • 1989 Meccanica Imolese was founded, specialised in precision mechanical manufacturing

  • 1990 construction of the first air-conditioned metrology room

  • 1998 use of the first production control systems

  • 2005 introduction of CAD-CAM software to support Design

  • 2011 Omega Engineering opens, specialised in design activities for OMGM


Every day is a new day


Over half a century of experience in precision machining and in the assembly of automatic machines make up our unequivocal natural imprinting.


An endless learning process carried out over time by a specialized group of people is our most important ability to adapt to new market needs.


Everything we learn every day through direct experience in the field allows us to improve production processes and technologies so as to increase the quality of our processes year after year.

Cutting Edge Quality Control Area

For quality control, within The OMGM Group we have an avant-garde air-conditioned metrological area equipped with 3 three-dimensional CMM coordinate measuring machines and a series of dedicated instruments such as altimeters, profilometers and roughness gauges of different types and sizes.


On the machined mechanical parts, we are able to guarantee and certify all the tolerances required in the design phase, in order to deliver a finished product in compliance with what has been established if the need arises.

Quality Control

We never give up on anything we’ve agreed…

Every year we update our machinery to provide the best design production and control technologies available on the market to our customers.

Thanks to the expertise / technology combination, The OMGM Group is disposed to excellent results in the sector of design and production of automatic packaging machines.

  • State of the art CNC lathes and milling cutters

  • Multi-axis Machining

  • Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

  • Dip EDM / Wire EDM

  • Round / Flat Grinding

  • Lapping

  • Metrology Room


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