Some peculiarities of the new OMGM Group website …

2020 wants to be the year of communicative and relational turning point for OMGM Group.

A valuable tool, the OMGM Group website, which will evolve with us from now to the years to come.

Our Digital Hub, our new home without borders, the first of our important history, to present ourselves to new scenarios, from which a series of communication strategies will depart to make us increasingly visible also at an international level.

Targeted and Minimal Navigation

Simplicity first of all starting from navigation according to the canons imposed by the rules of the user experience.

A well-defined number of pages with essential contents located exactly where they are needed, this is the logic of

To ensure that our users immediately find everything they need to contact us, ask for a quote, thanks to a call.

Quality Content

A first release of multimedia content has the arduous task of telling the 50 years of history of OMGM Group through a careful but concise superimposition of texts and images.

A difficult operation that started by highlighting People and, as a logical consequence, technology, the most predominant part for a company in the mechanical sector, with the publication of a homonymous area on the site.

The update and development of new content, especially visual (videos and images), will be the aspect to which we will give greater prominence to tell you, always in a clear and exhaustive way, our vision.

Amplified and Direct Communication

Thanks to the activation of the OMGM Group social channels on YouTube, Instagram, facebook, Linkedin, and the use of an institutional newsletter, we will amplify our voice on the market.

Being there with your own garrison today is a strategic factor, above all defending your borders.

A monthly editorial plan starting from the institutional blog will be our compass to differentiate and make our communication strategy on the different channels more persuasive in the medium to long term.

A page for Work

Omgm Group is the people who are part of it, as many as 103 (by 2020), people who with their skills have allowed us to become one of the leading groups in Italy for the construction of mechanical parts and automatic machines with high technological content.

How could a page dedicated to Work in his case be missing on

Thanks to the “work with us” page, we will keep you updated on new possible applications to join the OMGM Group.

Continue to follow us numerous here or by subscribing to our institutional newsletter from the home page of the site.

Thanks for your attention.

OMGM Group.

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